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This petition calls on the City to undertake an External Independent Financial Audit of its books. Reduce costs to what we can afford.

We need your help!  


Get Vancouver Back on Track

Who We Are

We are a growing group of concerned citizens who are fed up with the continual and ever higher un-independently audited spending and spin at Vancouver City Hall. There is a huge gap in what Vancouverites can afford and the cost of projects City Hall is still forging ahead with. Enough is enough!


If you too are fed up with higher taxes and less service please add your name to the petition and get involved. Together we can affect change at City Hall. Individually, we will not.

Sign Our Petition

Make your voice heard. Our city needs all of us to take action NOW.


Vancouver Mayor Stewart recently pleaded with the federal and provincial governments for $200 million to help with the City of Vancouver budget during this pandemic crisis.

He says the City is going “bankrupt/insolvent” and that property taxes will have to increase by another 14%. This is on top of the current already planned tax increase of 7%! 


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